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I am very excited to once again be attending the annual Day of ScottGu in Arizona. If you haven't been to this event before, you need to sign up right now (below). Those who have been to previous events are probably already signed-up. For more information, see the text below the signup form or the AZGroups website.

It's here again - Mr. Scott Guthrie is coming back to Arizona. And this year we're bringing special A-LIST guest, Mark Russinovich. Scott is a Vice President at Microsoft in charge of the Web Stack (ASP.net + Silverlight + a bunch of other stuff) Scott has made a special visit to the Arizona.net User Group since 2003 and is committed to the Arizona.net community as long as we can continue to support the event (in attendance).

ScottGu runs a bunch of business product lines inside Microsoft, most revolving around the Web Stack. This included ASP.net Web Forms, MVC, NuGet, Silverlight, and I'm sure a bunch of other things that aren't even public (hint hint).

So What Will ScottGu be demo'ing? Answer: I don't know. Scott says it will be magical like always, but at this moment, I'm not sure what he's going to be talking about.

But maybe that's even a better schedule to have. In years past, I have literally had to rush Mr. Scott Guthrie off the stage, which seems silly. Silly in that we wait all year for him to show up, and then don't give him the time he wants. So this year we're having less sponsored stage time, and more Scott Guthrie Time. (insert hoops and hollars here).

Thanks to all of the organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees of Desert Code Camp 2011.1.  This is the first time that I’ve presented at a Code Camp and it was a fantastic experience for me.  My session, Building Enterprise Apps using Entity Framework 4, was very well attended with 35 people cramming, standing-room-only, into a room with a capacity of 28 (please don’t tell the Fire Marshall).  The demos went very well (everything worked as it was supposed to) and the feedback I’ve gotten so far was entirely positive.

I will be posting some additional information from the session shortly, including the sample code and the changes I make to the Microsoft All Rules code analysis ruleset, but I wanted to get the session slides up as quickly as possible.

If you have any additional feedback on the session, please feel free to contact me here, or by email or twitter (as shown in the slide deck).

DCC 2011.1 -- Building Enterprise Apps using Entity Framework 4

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At 6pm on March 3rd we will begin the journey toward our third AZGiveCamp event. If you are interested in being a part of the team that organizes this event, please come by the US Airways Rio West offices at 52nd St. and Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe (not the Corporate office on Mill - directions below) as we kick-off our next event planning.  Existing teams will need additional members and some new teams will be forming.  All types of help is needed, from financial and logistical planners to website, social media and other technical talents, so please come-by at 6pm and become part of this amazing team of volunteers.

If you are not familiar with AZGiveCamp a GiveCamp is a weekend event where the software development community comes together to support charities and non-profits by developing or improving their web sites and applications. These events have been occurring all over the United States for about 4 years now, and we have had 2 such events in the Valley of the Sun over the last year.

To get to the US Airways Rio West offices, take the Priest Dr. exit off the 202 (flag A) and head south. Make a right turn onto Rio Salado Parkway, and follow the road to where it starts to curve south (becoming 52nd St.).  You want to turn left at the last entrance into the parking lot before the traffic light.  If you reach the traffic light, you’ve gone too far, although you will be able to see the light from the parking lot entrance.  Make an immediate right in the parking lot and park anywhere along this side of the building, which is numbered 2021.  Enter at the first set of doors (the most northern doors on the west side of the building) labeled “Suite 101” and “US Airways Main Entry”.  You’ll be able to see the tower at Sky Harbor airport if you look to the west and there will probably be airplanes landing just over your head.

If you have any trouble finding the meeting location, please use this widget to call me and I will do my best to guide you in.



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For the 2nd time in the last 3 years, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the South Florida Code Camp.  Code Camps are free, community driven technical conferences that take place during off-hours, usually weekends, so I try to make it to as many of them as I can.  I have attended most of our local (Arizona) Desert Code Camp events, and will be speaking at the upcoming Desert Code Camp in April 2011, but I also try to attend other code camps whenever possible to get the broadest range of speakers and experiences.  If you haven’t been to the local code camp in your area, you are missing out on a lot of great technical content and opportunities to chat with some awesome technologists.

I was able to attend a session in each of the 6 time slots for South Florida Code Camp 2011.  I’d like to thank the speakers for all of the sessions as each was useful and worth attending:

  1. Zachary Gramana - Custom Tooling Using a VS Add-In and T4 Templates

  2. Colin Blakey – Building OData/WCF Data Service Providers

  3. Bayer White - Hosting Workflows as WCF Services Through Windows Server AppFabric

  4. Olec Sych – ASP.Net Dynamic Data

  5. Woody Pewitt – Technical Debt

  6. Chris Eargle – Code Like a Ninja: Enhance Productivity with Visual Studio and Just Code

Three of these sessions deserve some special mention. The OData/WCF session was probably the most useful from a technical perspective as the demos gave specific examples of exactly what I’d need to do to implement the technology.  The session on technical debt was the most useful overall, Woody from ComponentOne, who is always a fantastic speaker, gave some specific tools to use to calculate the costs of carrying technical debt. In fact, I was fortunate enough to come-away from the raffle with a license to ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise product.  I’m especially looking forward to trying out the Silverlight controls. Finally, in the last session of the day, which turned into a free-form Visual Studio tips session, Chris did a great job of going with the flow and giving the already rowdy crowd, exactly what they wanted, including demos of some of the coolest features of Just Code.

All of the speakers and organizers did a fantastic job and it was a great event.  Hopefully I will be able to make it back for next year’s event.

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I won’t be an attendee at Mix this year.  Nothing against the conference; it is usually fantastic and I have met many awesome people there.  This year, my focus is elsewhere, on SOA and Middleware/Back-End technologies.  Not that I’ve ever really been a front-end guy mind you, but I am of the opinion that balance is a good thing and since I consider myself weaker in front-end (UX) technologies, Mix has been a good learning experience for me in the past.  However, as I said, this year, my primary focuses are elsewhere. 

Not being an attendee doesn’t stop me from wanting to meet with old friends and continue the awesome technical discussions that go on at these events.  I have loved meeting with the product teams in the past, both to learn from them and to provide my input into the future directions of the products.  So, it is my intent to fly up to Las Vegas (it is less than an hour flight from Phoenix) for at lease 1 evening of the Mix conference, perhaps 2.  Right now, I am looking for events to schedule for that (those) evening(s).

I know that I will not be able to go to the attendee party, since I will not be an attendee, and that event occurs on Wednesday the 13th  (courtesy of Joe Guadagno’s Mix 11 Events site).  This means that the most likely evenings for me to be there are Monday and Tuesday, April 11th and 12th.  Do you know of any events going on in Las Vegas during this time that would be awesome for me as a .NET Software Engineer to attend?  If so, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.  I’ve setup a special email alias just for this purpose, please contact me at bss_MixEvents@bsstahl.com.

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The next AZGiveCamp will be held starting January 14th 2011 at the Phoenix campus of Devry University!  Please see AZGiveCamp.org for more details.

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I just submitted my slide deck for my Developer Ignite #2 presentation on AZGiveCamp. The slides are embedded below.  I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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The 1st AZGiveCamp organizers meeting will be held on Thursday, October 15th from 6-8pm MST at the Microsoft Phoenix Offices (2929 N. Central Ave. #1400 Phoenix AZ 85012).  If you are interested in helping to organize this event, please sign-up on EventBrite.  To learn more about Give Camp, you can visit http://www.givecamp.org and follow us on Twitter @AZGiveCamp. You can even call us at 623.252.GIVE if you have questions.

The preliminary agenda for our first meeting is as follows. If you have any comments or suggestions on this agenda, please make them by commenting on this post, via Twitter, or by phone above.

Introduction - Gary
Welcome Call-to-order, welcome & introduce Chris Koenig
Opening Remarks from Chris Koenig Brief introduction to GiveCamp and call-to-action.
Purpose of meeting Let everyone know why we are here
Brief update and agenda review Give brief update on where we are, and review the agenda
Around the room for introductions Who are you? What were you hoping to bring to GiveCamp?
Updates - Barry
Review preliminary schedule We are targeting February for the event, but we need to develop a more detailed schedule.
Status of GiveCamp national Review of GiveCamp national, and what they have going on. Make everyone is aware of the regular conference call, legal structure, etc.
Update on status so far Review the work already accomplished including known sponsors (Microsoft, etc), proposed standards, and relationships with other  Camps.
Venue status Review why we think venue is such a big deal, and where we stand.
Technology update Review where we are on azgivecamp.org, etc.
Organizers’ Team Housekeeping - Gary
Propose team structure and vote Review proposed team structure and open for discussion, better ideas, and settle on what we want to do.
Discuss Executive Committee nomination process Solicit volunteers via email and produce ballot for next meeting.
Team volunteers Get volunteers for teams.
Action Items - Barry
Review open issues Share the list of open issues.
Gather new issues Solicit new issues.
Assign issues to team leads Assign the issues we can to the team leads.
Set next Organizers’ meeting Set date/time for next Organizers’ meeting. Encourage team leads to set their own meetings and keep the Organizers Team updated.
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Here is the slide deck for my Developer Ignite presentation, "Simplicity Through Abstraction".

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I will be speaking at the Developer Ignite event in Chandler on July 22nd.  The topic of my talk will be "Simplicity Through Abstraction" during which I will be giving a very high-level overview of using Dependency Injection as an Inversion-of-Control methodology to create simplicity in software architecture.

While putting my presentation together I have found a number of items that I wanted to include in my presentation, but simply can't due to the obvious constraints of a 5-minute presentation.  Some of these items won't even get a mention, others will be mentioned only in passing.  I include them here as a list of topics for me to discuss in future posts to this blog.  Hopefully this will occur, at least in part, prior to the ignite event so that there will be a set of resources available to those at the event who were previously unfamiliar with these techniques and wish to explore them further.

These topics include:

  • IoC Containers
  • Dealing with Provider-Specific requirements
  • Configuration as a dependency
  • Local providers for external dependencies
  • Providers as application tiers
  • Testing at the provider level
  • Top Down Design [Added: 7/12/2009]

If you have a topic that you are particularly interested in, or have any questions about IoC, Dependency Injection, or Providers that you would like me to answer, please use the comments or contact me via twitter: @bsstahl.