Thanks to all of the organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees of Desert Code Camp 2011.1.  This is the first time that I’ve presented at a Code Camp and it was a fantastic experience for me.  My session, Building Enterprise Apps using Entity Framework 4, was very well attended with 35 people cramming, standing-room-only, into a room with a capacity of 28 (please don’t tell the Fire Marshall).  The demos went very well (everything worked as it was supposed to) and the feedback I’ve gotten so far was entirely positive.

I will be posting some additional information from the session shortly, including the sample code and the changes I make to the Microsoft All Rules code analysis ruleset, but I wanted to get the session slides up as quickly as possible.

If you have any additional feedback on the session, please feel free to contact me here, or by email or twitter (as shown in the slide deck).

DCC 2011.1 -- Building Enterprise Apps using Entity Framework 4

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I'd like to announce that I have decided to accept an offer of employment with US Airways, designing and developing software for their Airline Operations Development (AirOps) group. This offer follows approximately 1.5 years of working for US Airways in AirOps as CopperByte, Inc.'s primary customer and my acceptance is testament to the fact that I have found it to be an outstanding place to work.  We have worked on some fairly exciting projects during my time with AirOps, often using the latest-and-greatest technology from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others.  I look forward to continuing this work.

It should be known that I will continue my relationship with CopperByte, Inc. as an owner and director, and will occasionally participate as a developer and architect, primarily with regard to our not-for-profit endeavors such as with the Pueblo Grande Museum and  GIPhoneHome.

I probably don't need to mention that the usual caveats apply here.  All opinions are mine and mine alone; US Airways has, and will continue to have, nothing to do with this blog. All information contained herein is entirely my responsibility.