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This session was given by Josh Knowles who gave a good overview of Agile methodologies. There wasn't much new for me here, but Josh did give some good selling-points for these types of methods, and did solidify a few concepts for me. Primarily, the keys to Agile development are as Josh described them:

  • Individuals & Interactions over Process and Tools
  • Working Software over Documentation
  • Constant Collaboration
  • The ability to respond to change rapidly
Some ways to accomplish these things include:
  • Short release cycles (i.e. Quarterly)
  • Refactoring - Don't Repeat Yourself
  • "Spike" unknowns - Reduce Second-Order Ignorance
  • Stories should be told on Note Cards - Keep 'em Short
Some tools at our disposal:
  • nAnt - An automated build tool
  • CruiseControl.net - An integration tool
  • Subversion - A freeware Source-Control System that Josh likes better than VSS

I'll post links to some of these slide-decks as I get them.