I previously posted the slides for my Building Enterprise Apps using Entity Framework 4 talk here.  I can now post the source code for the completed demo application.  That code, created for use in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, is available in zip format below.  This is the same code that was demonstrated at Desert Code Camp 2011.1 and SoCalCodeCamp 2011 as well as the New Mexico .NET User’s Group (NMUG).


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In this excellent session, Rob Bagby gave a warp-1 overview of much of the .NET Enterprise Library (Application Blocks). Some key points of the talk were:

  • Config files for all blocks are now unified
  • Crypto block provides Hashing & Encryption functionality
  • Logging block provides a number of canned sinks including EventLog, DB, Text, MSMQ, Email and WMI
  • A good resource on the Caching block is at http://www.ronjacobs.com

Of course, there were many other interesting items which I am unable to document here due to my mild case of brain disfunctionality, but again, I will post links to the slide-decks as I get them.

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Rob Bagby continued his outstanding presentations with not just an overview of the Exception Handling Block, but a full-blown strategy for handling exceptions. Rob had 5 goals for the session which I have paraphrased below:

  1. Understand when and why to catch an exception
    To Recover from the error (or attempt to)
    To Add Context
    To Clean up (close connections, etc)
    To Log or Notify
    To hide the details of an exception
  2. Understand the categories of exceptions
  3. Understand what is truly an exception
    Don't use exceptions for flow-control
  4. Understand Exception Propogation Options
    Automatic Propogation (bubbling)
    Catch & Rethrow
    Catch, Wrap & Throw Wrapped
  5. Understand Custom Exceptions and When to Use Them
  6. when an appropriate exception doesn't already exist
    To add discreet handling
    To add a specific behavior or information

Rob went into quite a few specifics on exactly how this information could be utilized which is in the slide decks that I will link to asap.

This session got my vote as the most useful session of the day. Thanks Rob!